Secrets of a Professional Organizer, Family Edition

Courtesy of Sarah Nelson, Professional Organizer: Less Is More Organizers

Learn tips such as:

  • 3 easy steps to get out the door faster
  • 10 mistakes not to make when traveling with baby
  • Spring clean in 30 minutes or less
  • 20 things to toss in 20 minutes or less
  • How to organize baby’s closet
  • 8 budget friendly ways to organize your home
  • How to organize kid’s artwork
Sarah Nelson, Professional Organizer: Less Is More Organizers

Sarah is the owner of Less is More, a professional organizing company driven by her passion for order and beauty. Less is More specializes in getting busy families organized. As a busy mom herself, Sarah recognizes the challenges of sharing a home with a curious kindergartener, an energetic second grader, and a gadget-loving husband. Knowing how to sift through, sort out, and organize all the “stuff” a household needs comes naturally to her, and is a skill that she draws upon everyday. Before becoming a professional organizer, Sarah spent 15 years working in museums and art galleries. For her, curating and organizing are essentially the same process: gathering information, determining what belongs and what does not, defining categories, and arranging objects in a logical, memorable manner. As the owner of Less is More, Sarah understands how the artful fine tuning of details can make a difference between chaos and calm. She takes the time to carefully evaluate each client’s habits and needs, and then designs a comprehensive organizational plan to create beautiful, well-functioning spaces. Her hands-on organizing sessions put the plan into action. The results are dramatic and inspiring. Sarah was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.