With kids comes chaos and clutter! Sarah Nelson, a Professional Organizer from Less Is More Organizers is here to talk about how to conquer the clutter with little ones afoot

Staying Organized and Conquering the Clutter and Chaos With Young Ones

by Carrie Rubin & Sarah Nelson | Surviving Early Childhood Summit

In Sarah’s interview you will learn:
  • How to get a handle on the toy madness
  • If you should involve your child in the organizing process
  • How to know when it’s time for something to go
  • What system she recommends for managing the kid’s clothes and hand-me-downs
  • The best systems for staying organized with kids
  • How to prevent the “stuff bomb” from exploding in your house every day

Sarah’s free gift is her Secrets of a Professional Organizer, Family Edition Kit! It features a selection of her most popular family organizing articles, covering everything from managing the artwork to keeping the kitchen clutter-free.

Sarah Nelson, Professional Organizer: Less Is More Organizers

Sarah is the owner of Less is More, a professional organizing company driven by her passion for order and beauty. Less is More specializes in getting busy families organized. As a busy mom herself, Sarah recognizes the challenges of sharing a home with a curious kindergartener, an energetic second grader, and a gadget-loving husband. Knowing how to sift through, sort out, and organize all the “stuff” a household needs comes naturally to her, and is a skill that she draws upon everyday. Before becoming a professional organizer, Sarah spent 15 years working in museums and art galleries. For her, curating and organizing are essentially the same process: gathering information, determining what belongs and what does not, defining categories, and arranging objects in a logical, memorable manner. As the owner of Less is More, Sarah understands how the artful fine tuning of details can make a difference between chaos and calm. She takes the time to carefully evaluate each client’s habits and needs, and then designs a comprehensive organizational plan to create beautiful, well-functioning spaces. Her hands-on organizing sessions put the plan into action. The results are dramatic and inspiring.

Sarah was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.