I know you’re curious…! Let’s talk tantra and how to keep the spark alive when you’re busy parents.

Staying Sexually Connected to Your Spouse When You Are Tired and Feeling Less Than Sexy

by Carrie Rubin & Rachel Fiske | Surviving Early Childhood Summit

In Rachel’s interview you will learn:

  • What tantric sex and tantric yoga are really all about
  • How she works with couples to reignite the flame and how you can do it at home
  • Why women have a hard time getting back into sex after the kids enter the equation and why men don’t
  • Why it might be ok to take a time-out from sex after baby is born, and how to stay sexually connected with your spouse during this time even though you’re feeling less than sexy
  • The reason it is so critically important to stay connected to your spouse
  • A little about her Moonbeams group for tween girls and their moms (something to think about down the road!)
Rachel’s gift is a free 20-minute consultation along with Rachel’s downloadable free chapter of Rachel and Lily Fiske’s book MoonBeams: a Mother-Daughter Revolution.
Rachel Fiske, Yoga Instructor and Conscious Sexuality Coach

Rachel Fiske has been a yoga instructor for 23 years, de-mystifying the ancient yogic teachings to make them accessible to contemporary minds, and offering a seamless body-mind-spirit experience. Ten years ago she created MoonBeams mother-daughter groups to help create conscious relationships between mothers and pre-teen daughters. For ten years, Rachel has also worked in private practice as a tantric sex instructor, and in association with Chicago’s The Berman Center as an alternative consultant to couples in crisis who seek to heal or enhance their intimate connection. She even had an appearance on the Oprah show relating to her work as a tantric sex instructor!

Rachel was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.