A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies


taught by Wendi Combes, RN and Roxanne King, INHC

Learn How to Soothe Your Sick Child Naturally… Without Using Over the Counter Drugs

Treat fevers, the common cold, sore throat, tummy troubles, cuts & burns, ear infections and more using gentle, yet effective methods – at home!

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In A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies you’ll learn the following and so much more…
  • Know how to reduce your child’s fever without using Tylenol.
  • Get rid of an ear ache without antibiotics.
  • Stop a cycle of never ending diaper rash, cradle cap, or reflux.
  • Soothe your child’s uncomfortable symptoms without harsh synthetic medications.
  • Stop feeling like you are taking a wild guess at which remedy to use.
  • Avoid damaging your child’s gut flora by using antibiotics and cause reoccurring illnesses.
 Immediate online 24/7 access to the course materials:
  • Natural Remedies 101 Video Module
  • Foundations of Nutrition & Supplements Video Module
  • 11 Video Modules on each specific Ailment or Illness
  • Downloadable Slides for each module
  • Resources on each topic to further your research
  • Links to the Exact Places Where you can Purchase the Remedies You Need

Includes invaluable bonuses:

  • Handy Remedy Reference Guide (PDF) that includes all the ailments in the course (so you can download the PDF on your Smart Phone and have it ready when you need a quick reference).
  • Remedy Recipe Book (PDF) so you have all the recipes in one easy download!


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