Parent Reset Program


Courtesy of Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW

This 28 day online course offers videos, daily workbook activities, and lots of tips, tricks and tools to help you be a more peaceful parent.




  • not feeling so angry
  • feeling grounded and centered in yourself
  • not getting triggered all the time
  • keeping the “big picture” in mind
  • not taking your children’s behavior as personally


Jump in and COMMIT to some small daily practices–ones that will lead you to a family life that’s more peaceful. Things really can change.
Here’s a little more information about what the program is like–what you do and how it works!

After you register for the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to a password protected site. On the site you’ll gain access to a comprehensive workbook that will guide you through the content. There are a few other downloads to help you along as well.
I’ve poured tons of information, compassion, love, and good ju-ju into this program.

There are four videos to watch, (running time between 10-25 minutes) that will help support you. The Workbook includes a SHORT and SIMPLE daily practice (only two minutes) and a gratitude journal.

IT’S COMPLETELY SELF-PACED and yours to access forever.

You will feel amazing at the end of this 28 days. You WILL feel:

  • calmer
  • more centered
  • more kind and generous
  • less reactive
  • more connected to your family members!

You will get access immediately upon registration via an autoresponder email. YOU CAN START TODAY. Your family deserves the best YOU you can be! (And your parenting partner can follow along with you at no additional charge).


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