Funny Mom Joke Pack


by Jill Riley, A Mom With a Lesson Plan


  • 365 printable (& HILARIOUS) jokes for kids divided by theme.
  • Seasonal Jokes including: Winter Jokes, Spring Jokes, Summer Jokes & Fall Jokes.
  • Holiday Jokes including: Valentine’s Jokes, Earth Day Jokes, Halloween Jokes & Christmas Jokes.
  • Just for Fun Jokes including: Math Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, Silly Jokes & Jokes about Lunch.
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As a mom, I’m constantly reevaluating the connection I have with my kids. Do they come to me when they have problem? Do they come to me when they are excited. Do they enjoy being around me? Do they know how much I enjoy being around them? Is the answer to these questions always a yes? —  No way!

Sometimes I get off track and lose my balance a bit.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the chores, in work, in making sure the house and family run smoothly that I forget the reason I am doing all of it. When I do find myself off course it’s pretty easy to readjust.

It doesn’t take much more than being intentional to be connected to your kids. And a great way to connect is to make your kids laugh. That is NOT my strongest skill. I am not the fun one or the funny one. I am the one who makes sure the house runs smoothly… who has time to be both? The truth is that it is important to be both.

Part of being connected is having fun together. I can’t just be the one you can lean on, I also have to (and desperately want to) be the one you choose to be around. And part of that is plain and simple… I need to be fun. At least some of the time.

For me an easy way to add a little fun is to always have funny jokes for kids on hand… and that’s how the Funny Mom Joke Pack came to be!


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