Deliberate Life Challenge by Sarah Argenal


The Deliberate Life Challenge is a series of free monthly challenges to help burned out working parents eliminate distractions, reduce stress, maximize time and live with more intention in 2018. Courtesy of Sarah Argenal from Working Parent Resource.

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Courtesy of Sarah Argenal, The Working Parent Resource

The Deliberate Life Challenge is a series of 12 monthly challenges that will take place over the course of the year. Each month we will focus on improving one of these foundational areas of your life:

  • Mastering Your Time & Productivity
  • Clarify Your Values & Priorities
  • Improve Focus & Energy
  • Focus on Romance & Marriage
  • Clear Your Digital Clutter
  • Integrate Fun, Hobbies & Recreation
  • Clear Your Physical Clutter
  • Refine Your Habits
  • Evaluate Your Friendships
  • Become the Parent You Want to Be
  • Make an Impact in Your Career
  • Spiritual Connection

The Deliberate Life Challenge is for anyone who has had it with the status quo and is ready to take action to put their family and their mental well-being ahead of the chaos and stress… and are just looking for a system they can maintain while managing the rest of their lives.

Every month you’ll focus on one specific area of your life and nail it. You’ll take stock of your life in that area only. You’ll shut out the rest (for the moment) and focus on building new skills and habits in that area of your life.

This monthly email program includes:

  • A few Key Resources you can watch, read or check out to increase your foundation of understanding in that area
  • Targeted Self-Reflection Prompts to help uncover internal and external blocks, motivations and strengths
  • A list of Small Wins you can complete in 5-15 minutes if you don’t have a ton of time but want to take action.
  • A handful of Big Leap activities that may take a little longer and/or require you to dig a little deeper to create major shifts in your life.

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