Courtesy of Marcilie Smith Boyle – Positive Discipline Trainer and Life Coach, Working Parenting

This Positive Discipline Tool kit includes:

  • A downloadable pdf with 15 Tools for Inviting Cooperation (there are so many great ideas here!)
  • An audio recording of a 1-hour introductory TeleClass: “5 Criteria for Positive Discipline”, which includes:
    • 5 criteria for Positive Discipline (discipline that teaches)
    • An overview of Positive Discipline though experiential activities
    • Two easy and effective parenting tools to improve respectful communication and cooperation with their kids
    • Parents ask questions in a live Q&A

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Working Parenting

Marcilie Smith Boyle, Positive Discipline Trainer & Life Coach

Marcilie Smith Boyle is mother of three school-aged children, a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Certified Life and Leadership Coach who teaches Positive Discipline courses live and online, coaches individuals and groups on career transitions and parenting, as well as life coaching and executive leadership coaching.