Traveling with your kids can be an adventure, and not always in a good way! Travel blogger Keryn Means from Walking on Travels is here to discuss how to keep it all together and make the most out of traveling with your little ones!

How to Keep Your Sanity While Traveling With Your Kids

by Carrie Rubin & Keryn Means | Surviving Early Childhood Summit

In Keryn’s interview you will learn:

  • Tips for navigating the airport and how to set your family up for a successful flight
  • How to successfully survive driving trips
  • How to pack appropriately for young ones without having to take the whole house with you
  • How best to deal with sleeping troubles: naps, jumping time zones and jet lag, and how to set up sleeping arrangements so you don’t have to go to bed when the kids do
  • The best family vacation destinations and how to find a place that the whole family will enjoy
Keryn Means, Travel Blogger: Walking on Travels

Keryn is a freelance writer living outside of Washington, DC. Her work has been seen in Travel Age West magazine, ParentMap Magazine, Seattle Child magazine,,,, and many more websites looking for quality, well-researched content. She has also been called on to appear on local and national television as a travel expert. Most days you can find Keryn dragging the three men in her life across the globe or writing on her award-winning travel website Walking On Travels  a site that gives hope to today’s active parent who doesn’t see kids as a roadblock to travel, but an excuse to get out the door and explore. Keryn has laughed at the naysayers by bringing her boys to far off lands like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, back and forth across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Keryn loves to encourage families to take that first step out the door, the hardest step of all.

Keryn was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.