Courtesy of Wendi Combes, Jubilee Health

This mini-course is an Introduction to how natural remedies work and what the best ones are to use in children for safe, gentle and fast healing!

7 short videos to help you understand all about homeopathy, cell salts, herbs, essential oils and more and how to use them in your family for best results.

If you would like more information after taking this  mini-course, be sure to check out Wendi’s A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies e-course!

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Wendi Combes, Nurse, Holistic Health Educator - Jubilee Health

Wendi Combes is a fellow mom and pediatric nurse for over 20 years. Her lens to see healthcare with changed when her daughters were born and had some health issues. It was at that point that Wendi discovered natural remedies  and how safe and gentle they are to use in children. She is now a passionate advocate to help other families learn how to avoid harsh prescription and over the counter medications in their children and how to navigate a more holistic approach to raising children!

Wendi was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.