Courtesy of Karen Davis, Women’s Empowerment Coach

In this free guide, Karen offers busy moms 15 of her favorite ways to find more time in their busy day. As moms, we are often so busy taking care of our family, the house, the pets, and our career..that we seldom take time to care for ourselves. This is because we tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of our own. But this can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If we were to simply take some time each day to do something just for us – a relaxing bubble bath, a walk on the beach or a mani/pedi – we would begin to feel more relaxed and fulfilled. Not only will we benefit, but those around us will benefit too!

Karen Davis, Coach Karen Lynn - Women's Empowerment Coach

The creator of the "From Frazzled to Fabulous" program, Karen is an expert in holistic health and life transformation, helping hundreds of busy women find health, balance and a life of their own design. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Life Coach (The Life Coach Institute), Transformational Life Coach (Holistic MBA) and uses the knowledge gained as well as her unique insights to mentor busy working moms through her various online programs. In a world where a woman’s success is measured by her home and career, "From Frazzled to Fabulous" is becoming a philosophy that simply makes sense and Karen is there to guide you through it.