In Dee McCord’s interview, we discuss:
  • The story of her 5 year old socially transitioning from male to female
  • If Dee struggled with her daughter making the choice to transition
  • The mourning period that goes along with changing your expectations of how your life will be with having a transgender child
  • Her other child, a 3 year old boy, and if he had any trouble accepting his sister
  • Their experiences with schools and their level of acceptance of her daughter – both with the administration and with the classmates
  • The body dysmorphia that her daughter experiences
  • What therapy for children with gender issues looks like
  • Dee’s advice for what to do if your child is experiencing gender related issues
  • The fact that her day to day life is no different than most of ours. We all face different struggles, but at the end of the day we just don’t want our kids to suffer.


Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:

“It’s all about finding your community, finding your voice, and just being supportive.”

Links to LGBTQ+ Resources & Support:

In Illinois:

  • Illinois Safe Schools – Provides individuals to go into schools, camps, workplaces and provides education for staff and employees on trans and gender non-conforming youth and how to support them in their education and environment
  • PFLAG Illinois – resources for all families and allies of trans youth
  • Equality Illinois – great resource for not only trans youth but all individuals and allies that are LGBTQ+
  • Pinwheels – great for finding families like yours for play groups and other activities
  • Howard Brown Center – provides many amazing services such as HIV testing, physical exams and hormone therapy
  • Center On Halsted – Provides classes, resources and a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals to get involved and stay educated on relevant issues. PTI (parents of transgender individuals also meet at this location
  • On Facebook: Illinois Parents of Transgender & Gender Diverse Children, is a secret page for parents to provide support to one another. Please reach out to the Modern Mom Society to put you in contact with someone who can walk you through the steps to be added.

National Resources:

  • Lambda Legal – provides legal help on an individual and national level for LGBTQ+ issues,
  • The Family Acceptance Project – provides resources nationally on ways to support and be involved in the LGBTQ+ community,
  • Facebook: Allies of transgender children and  Parents of transgender children,  are secret pages for parents to provide support to one another. Please reach out to the Modern Mom Society to put you in contact with someone who can walk you through the steps to be added.

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Photo credit: Joie Fete

Dee talks motherhood…

What would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

They tell you you are never prepared to be a parent but until someone put a tiny human in your hands and tells you its your job to keep it alive you don’t realize how scary and exciting it is! Thankfully every day you are learning the same as your child is and you will always be your child’s and family’s biggest advocate for their everyday wants and needs. Its terrifying, its rewarding and it’s completely worth it.



Liam & Noella

Photo credit: Joie Fete

What is the hardest part about being a mom?

Patience. Having 2 under 2 years apart has taught me to choose my battles, that stepping away and taking a deep breath is sometimes the best thing for everyone, and accept help from everyone who offers. I have always been a very independent person and was raised to do it all alone but being a parent its taught me that it isn’t possible and that’s completely okay.



About Dee…

Hi! My name is Dee McCord, mother of 2 amazing children. Levi is 3.5 and a cis (biologically) male and Noella (or Ella as we call her) is 5.5 and she is a Transgender female (born male transitioned socially to female). I am originally from South Florida but after many moves all over the country I made my final move to Chicago in 2012 and this is definitely where we call home.

I am also the owner of The I Do Company which is the brand for 4 companies; The Shapiro Ballroom, I Do Dance Studio, I Do Events Chicagoland and I Do Events Staffing. I am a single mother who works (more than) full time but more than that I am the biggest advocate I possibly can be for both of my children. I am proud to be an activist for the LGBTQ+ community and use my resources in the event industry to give back to the community and speak out for all families and children.