In Suzanne Tucker’s interview we discuss:

  • Suzanne’s background in physical therapy and how she came to create Generation Mindful
  • Empowerment Education and how to put yourself in the center as the parent
  • Connecting before correcting
  • How she was inspired to make mindfulness fun
  • The Time In Toolkit and what’s all included (affiliate link)
  • Positive discipline rests in relationship, not overpower and control
  • Time In versus Time Out
  • Spanking as a discipline method
  • What you sacrifice when you use time outs
  • Giving yourself grace when you make mistakes, and being a good example for your kids when you do so
  • The beauty of being an imperfect parent
  • The best time to use the Time In Toolkit (hint: it’s not in the heat of the moment!)
  • Step by step: how to handle your child when they are in meltdown mode
  • The triune brain: green, yellow, red
  • What NOT to do when your child is in their “red brain”/meltdown mode and what to do instead
  • Why you might want to consider celebrating big displays of emotion
  • Trusting yourself and your inherent knowledge and intuition instead of Google for parenting advice
  • The development of the prefrontal cortex and when your children develop the tools to regulate themselves
  • How using these tools help sibling relationships

Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:

“What matters is that we put ourselves in the center that we are driving the ship and it doesn’t mean that we don’t turn to experts and doctors and friends and mother-in-laws for input. But in the end, what matters to me is that we let that information filter through and we see where it lands for us.”

“Everything we need to discipline positively rests in relationship.”

“I always say the only child out there that needs a perfect parent is the perfect child and I haven’t met the perfect child. Most of us are human. So my children benefit from seeing me be human.”

“If you’re dealing with a red brain, it is not time to be logical or reasonable or rational or explain anything. Let me tell you, sisters out there listening: words will not serve you.”

“There still is going to be tantrums and there still will be emotions I hope, because if we’re not having an emotion then somebody’s getting the memo that emotions aren’t safe.”


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Suzanne’s free gift is the 11 Calming Strategies offered in the Time-In ToolKit as downloadable coloring sheets to color, talk about and use with your kids!

Connect with Suzanne!

Generation Mindful website link

Suzanne Tucker, Generation Mindful – Positive Parenting Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

Suzanne Tucker is a physical therapist, mom of 4, parent educator and founder of Generation Mindful, a website that offers tools, toys, and programs to connect the generations playfully while nurturing the human spirit.  Suzanne leads positive parenting classes in her hometown of St Louis, Missouri where she and her husband have a holistic outpatient rehabilitation center. She is also the founder of My Mommy Manual, an online community inspiring parents to look inside themselves for instructions.