In Naomi Damask’s interview we discuss:
  • Naomi’s story of diagnosis and treatment
  • Finding support for her journey with Gilda Club and interviewing friends and family who had breast cancer
  • How she decided her course of treatment with all of the options available to her.
  • Choosing to have a mastectomy
  • How she supported herself on the emotional end of things
  • Donating her hair to St. Baldrick’s, and honoring her daughter’s preschool friend who was diagnosed with cancer
  • The power of using social media for good
  • How her kids and husband managed through the process of her treatment
  • Having her mom as her rock through treatment
  • What the most helpful things friends did for her
  • About The Licorice Project, a non-profit that she is involved in.
  • Things that people would say that was helpful and not helpful
  • Holistic treatments that she intertwined with her chemotherapy and other standard cancer treatments
  • How much easier it is to find alternative treatments online now versus when she went through treatment
  • What she would have done differently
  • Her second surgery for the breast reconstruction
  • How the cancer journey affected her children.
  • Things she does and recommends to prevent cancer
  • About biohacking and nutrigenomics
  • Why being extremely strict with your diet might not be the best choice
  • Self exams & self care as important ways to keep cancer at bay
  • Thermography as an alternative to mammograms


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Naomi talks motherhood…

What would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

Hold your baby and love on them!! You can never spoil a child. Enjoy every moment of the journey. And just realize it’s just a moment. You will get thru it. Never judge yourself. And trust your gut. No books will prepare you. Remember to be your own advocate for you and your child!!

What is the hardest part about being a mom?

The heartaches and struggles they will deal with when they get older. Sometimes you just want to do it for them and “fix it” and that won’t serve them. Guess this is true when they are little too. And when they need you 24-7 and their dad is right there, yet they call for you. Ha ha.

What’s your favorite part about being a mom? What makes all the hard stuff worth it?

Watching them succeed!! Sometimes I feel like a broken record and wonder do they really do listen. And then you get to witness it first hand! And the very best is the love and hugs!

About Naomi Damask…

Naomi is a breast cancer survivor, a wife and mother of two who is now a wellness warrior, who is passionate about biohacking, nutrigenomics and helping others.