In Aimi Palmer’s interview we discuss:

  • Her family and the decision to move to America
  • The hardest thing for her to adjust to
  • Finding her group of mom friends in Chicago
  • Navigating immigration laws and other challenging things about living somewhere without family nearby
  • Aimi’s top 3 tips for traveling with little ones and dealing with jet lag
  • Other tips on sleep
  • Dealing with sleep crutches
  • Her sleep training process
  • Favorite thing about having made the move to Chicago
  • Words of advice for someone who might have the opportunity to live in another country

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Aimi talks motherhood:

What would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

Take the time to get to know your baby. Everyone is a rush to get them into a routine and do what the text books say. Take the time to understand them and follow their lead. Some will need a little guidance for example with sleep training however letting them develop as they should will be a lot less stressful for everyone.

What is the hardest part about being a mom? Biggest frustrations?

For me the biggest frustration is when you are in a good place, things are going well – time goes so quickly and I wish I could freeze time during these moments. The opposite tends to happen when its teething or regressions in sleep, it feels like time has just stopped and the phase will never be over.

What is your favorite part about being a mom? What makes all the hard stuff worth it?

The hugs, I am a sucker for a cuddle. When my older two want to chat and have some time together it makes everything worth it. They are never too young or old for a good hug!

Any tips, tools, and tricks do you use that you’d love to tell other moms about?

Find your strengths and use them! Sounds like something someone would say about a job but it’s true. I know I am a much better mom if I am organized, the days we get out the house early and calmly are the days I have prepared everything the night before. The days I am embarrassed of my own tantrums are when I have left it all to the last minute. I don’t enjoy being organized, especially at 9pm when I just want to go to bed but I know it is worth it in the end!

Aimi Palmer, My Little Sleeper – Certified Sleep Consultant

Aimi is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who works with families to improve your child’s sleep troubles. Whether it’s to improve night time sleep, work towards a day schedule or eliminate sleep props, Aimi can help everyone get the rest they need.