In Gina Fresquez’s interview we discuss:


  • What is a side hustle and what are some of the more common side hustles that moms have
  • Why you might want to consider having a side hustle
  • Gina’s side hustle journey
  • How to figure out what your side hustle should be
  • Following your soul’s journey and having the courage to do something new and scary
  • Gina’s decision to leave the corporate job that she loved
  • Diving into the feelings of fear and figuring out what the fear really means
  • Tips for building a successful side hustle business and how not get overwhelmed in the process
  • Why she doesn’t have a signature system for business success
  • How to find the time to have a side hustle (be sure to grab Gina’s 21 Tips to Time Freedom e-book!)

Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:

“We think we are chasing the end game, but really we’re chasing the feeling and how we want to feel.”
Do you. Best.”





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Gina talks motherhood:

FresquezFam Dec 2017What would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

It is a crazy journey. One that you will try your best to be prepared for but curve balls will surely come. Meet them with grace and do the best you can – it will be enough.

What is the hardest part about being a mom? Biggest frustrations?

I am in the 3 year old toddler stage right now so I am in the thick of it. No amount of education or prep work can prepare you for it. Trying to get them to do what is right without handholding them. Seeing them make mistakes and trying so hard to not help them (so they will learn).

What is your favorite part about being a mom? What makes all the hard stuff worth it?

The little moments. Like the first time he hugged my husband and I because he was so happy (we didn’t see it coming) or when he rubbed my back when I was sick. Going on adventures and seeing the world through his eyes.

Any tips, tools, and tricks do you use that you’d love to tell other moms about?

Give yourself grace. Trust your gut and mama intuition (THIS IS ESSENTIAL) as you know your kids the best.

Gina - 21 Tips to Time FreedomGina’s free gift is her 21 Tips to Time Freedom e-book!

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Gina Fresquez, M.S., CHHC // Freedom Catalyst // Clarity Coach // Side Hustle Success Coach

Gina Fresquez, MS, CHC, is the founder of The Women’s Side Hustle Society, where she is committed to empowering ambitious, soulful side-hustling women to bring their biggest entrepreneurial dreams to life in a way that’s infused with confidence, joy, ease, and freedom—without having to sacrifice their health, sanity, or lifestyle. Gina holds a master’s degree from the University of Arizona and coaching certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and HCI Transformational Coaching Method as well as being trained in stress management and mindset work. After spending many years in corporate sales, Gina’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur came true in 2012, when she started her first side hustle. Since then she has enjoyed the journey of strategically and intuitively coaching her clients through mitigating fears, breakthroughs, transitions, and transformations of building a successful business in a way that feels good to them. Gina accomplishes this through one-on-one coaching, masterminds, and women’s retreats. She also loves sharing stories of other amazing, successful side-hustling women on her podcast, The Women's Side Hustle Society. To learn more about how you can gain more time to work on your side hustle, download her free e-book: 21 Tips to Time Freedom