In Rachel Fiske’s interview we discuss:

  • The Moonbeams Circles she leads with mother daughter teams to prepare the girls for puberty, honoring their bodies and being conscious about their sexuality
  • The right age for beginning the conversation about sex
  • How to prepare yourself for having that conversation
  • If you should wait until your child asks the question
  • Addressing all of the aspects of sex when you have the conversation: the scientific nuts and bolts, emotional, spiritual
  • Teaching our children to honor their bodies
  • How different children might need to hear the message in different ways
  • Navigating having this conversation today with technology and teens being more sexual at younger ages
  • Handling your child’s natural curiosity about sexuality and pornography
  • What to do if your child wants nothing to do with having this conversation
  • Instilling your values and giving your child the tools they need when they explore their sexuality
  • The topic of consent and that it’s ok to say no at any point in the process
  • Discussing sex with a son versus a daughter
  • What to do if your child just won’t talk to you

Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:

“To me, teaching kids that our body is really something to hold in a state of reverence and not to be getting together sexually with someone who doesn’t hold you in a state of reverence as well is one of the key things that a parent can teach their kids.”


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Rachel talks motherhood:

PictureWhat would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

Everyone in the world is going to have advice for you, including random people walking down the street. Your own intuition is your best guide to your baby. My best advice is ENJOY!

What is the hardest part about being a mom? Biggest frustrations?

The hardest part, for me, is looking back and seeing things I could have done better…

What is your favorite part about being a mom? What makes all the hard stuff worth it?

My daughter is a mirror (in which I can see aspects of myself I couldn’t see without her) and a lens (through which I can see the world in new ways). Our kids are a pathway to our own enlightenment, if we know how to navigate that.

Did you know? Rachel was a featured expert on The Surviving Early Childhood Summit!

In the summit interview we discussed:

  • What tantric sex and tantric yoga are really all about
  • How she works with couples to reignite the flame and how you can do it at home
  • Why women have a hard time getting back into sex after the kids enter the equation and why men don’t
  • Why it might be ok to take a time-out from sex after baby is born, and how to stay sexually connected with your spouse during this time even though you’re feeling less than sexy
  • The reason it is so critically important to stay connected to your spouse
  • A little about her Moonbeams group for tween girls and their moms (something to think about down the road!)
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Rachel’s gift is a free 20-minute consultation along with Rachel’s downloadable free chapter of Rachel and Lily Fiske’s book MoonBeams: a Mother-Daughter Revolution.

Rachel Fiske, Yoga Instructor and Conscious Sexuality Coach

Rachel Fiske has been a yoga instructor for 23 years, de-mystifying the ancient yogic teachings to make them accessible to contemporary minds, and offering a seamless body-mind-spirit experience. Ten years ago she created MoonBeams mother-daughter groups to help create conscious relationships between mothers and pre-teen daughters. For ten years, Rachel has also worked in private practice as a tantric sex instructor, and in association with Chicago’s The Berman Center as an alternative consultant to couples in crisis who seek to heal or enhance their intimate connection. She even had an appearance on the Oprah show relating to her work as a tantric sex instructor!

Rachel was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.