In Karen Davis’ interview we discuss:

  • A little about Karen’s coaching practice
  • What exactly is self care
  • How to treat yourself like a child
  • Finding time for self care
  • Getting your family on board with you taking the time for yourself
  • Overcoming mom guilt for taking time out for self care
  • Why it’s so hard for us to ask for help and why we should be asking for help more often
  • How does mom build a life she loves
  • Self care is the farthest thing from selfish!


Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:


“By doing this, it’s not selfish. It’s the farthest thing from selfish and your setting such a good example for your kids.”



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Karen talks motherhood:

Karen & SonWhat would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

I’d tell her to trust her instincts. Too many people are more than willing to offer you their opinion, but no one knows you, your family and your children like you do.
I’d also tell her that it’s perfectly okay to say No to invitations (and could possibly save your sanity!) Ex – I chose to have open houses on Christmas Eve so that both families could come over and see my kids – instead of bundling my kids up and running all around to visit relatives (like they all seemed to expect)

What is the hardest part about being a mom? Biggest frustrations?

I think the hardest part about being a mom for me was sitting back and letting my kids learn life’s lessons the hard way. As a mom, I always wanted to keep my kids safe and protect them from everything, but they also need to learn that their are consequences to their actions, and sometimes I just had to let them “fall”.

What is your favorite part about being a mom? What makes all the hard stuff worth it?

What a great question! I love that I feel like I now have 2 best friends, who are sometimes so like me that it’s scary, and yet they’re their own wonderful, amazing and thoughtful young men! I couldn’t be more proud of them!

Karen's SonsAny tips, tools, and tricks do you use that you’d love to tell other moms about?

I think that one of the best things that I ever did for my kids was cancel cable tv! Crazy, I know…but since they didn’t have tv (or video games) they began to pursue other interests. They were always outdoor kids anyway…swimming, biking, hiking, but with no tv, they both began drawing, knitting, making jewelry and playing board games. I think that one “trick” has a lot to do with the amazing bond that my sons have, and it opened their eyes to the many talents that they have, that they probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.



Karen’s free gift is her Frazzled to Fabulous Guide!

In this guide, Karen offers busy moms 15 of her favorite ways to find more time in their busy day. As moms, we are often so busy taking care of our family, the house, the pets, and our career..that we seldom take time to care for ourselves. This is because we tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of our own. But this can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If we were to simply take some time each day to do something just for us – a relaxing bubble bath, a walk on the beach or a mani/pedi – we would begin to feel more relaxed and fulfilled. Not only will we benefit, but those around us will benefit too!

Karen Davis, Coach Karen Lynn - Women's Empowerment Coach

The creator of the "From Frazzled to Fabulous" program, Karen is an expert in holistic health and life transformation, helping hundreds of busy women find health, balance and a life of their own design. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Life Coach (The Life Coach Institute), Transformational Life Coach (Holistic MBA) and uses the knowledge gained as well as her unique insights to mentor busy working moms through her various online programs. In a world where a woman’s success is measured by her home and career, "From Frazzled to Fabulous" is becoming a philosophy that simply makes sense and Karen is there to guide you through it.