In Dianne Kibbey’s interview we discuss:
  • A little about her family
  • Her career progression in technology, highlighting when her kids were young
  • How to find the balance; “You can have it all, but not at the same time”; taking one day at a time
  • Creating a network of people you can depend on to help bridge the gap with childcare
  • Building trust with her managers that even if she had family obligations, she would still log in and get her work taken care of
  • Giving yourself a break and realize that you’re doing the best you can as a mom at any given time, especially if you are balancing family and a career
  • Getting rid of the mom guilt and realize that your kids love you and think you’re doing a great job even if you don’t think you are
  • The importance of finding an employer that is flexible and understands work/life balance
  • Her interest in hiring and supporting women that are moms and mentoring new moms in finding the balance
  • Life with a teen and a tween – lots of drama and chauffeuring them around!
  • Starting to discuss her needs with her daughters now, partly get some of her life back and to also teach them independence
  • Getting girls interested in STEM fields, and why it is so important to her and one of her passions
  • Making science cool to keep kids interested in technology, and realizing that technology and math touches so many other areas of life.
  • Starting Tech Girls at her daughter’s school and how it’s different from Girls Who Code
  • Theories as to why girls aren’t into technology as much


  • Goldiblox: An ordinary girl who builds extraordinary things! (affiliate link)
  • Raspberry Pi – $35 computer you can program and make cool things with!
  • Video of throwing a pot of boiling water outside in sub-zero temps
Carrie’s favorite quotes from the interview:

“No matter what profession you choose if you can be technical as well, the paths you can take are limitless”

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About Dianne…

Dianne is the Global Head of Community and Social Media for Premier Farnell / Newark element14 and lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters, aged 11 and 14.