In Erin Reiff’s interview we discuss:
  • How she arrived at her decision to become a Single Mother by Choice (SMC)
  • The process of choosing a donor and going through IUI and IVF
  • What it was like bringing her daughter home and the early months of single motherhood
  • Being an older mom versus a younger mom
  • Going back to work and the importance of having an employer who understands work/life balance
  • Navigating the journey with her daughter’s multiple food allergies
  • The importance of asking for help

Carrie’s favorite quotes from Erin in this interview:

“Motherhood is a juggling act to get done every day”


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Erin talks motherhood…

What would you tell an expecting mom about the experience of being a mother?

I have never been so at peace with my life and so happy to have my daughter Ellie. I have also never been so terrified and so stressed about all of the decisions and responsibilities that come with raising a child and trying to be a good mother.

What is the hardest part about being a mom?
The worry. Definitely the worry. I worry about everything from what to feed her for dinner to what my response should be if she gets bullied in middle school. I look at her sweet face and just want to preserve a bubble of perfection around her forever – silly and unrealistic, but all anyone dreams for their child is a life of happiness.

About Erin…

Erin Reiff is a working SMC (single mother by choice) trying to balance life with a young toddler and a full time job in tax law. Any free time she has is spent doing laundry, washing bottles, or napping while watching the Kardashians..