In Casey’s interview we discuss:

  • What is positive discipline?
  • Casey’s favorite tools for getting kids to behave more
  • How she uses Dan Siegel’s “brain in the palm of the hand” tool to navigate emotional situations in her home
  • How mindfulness plays into positive discipline
  • Casey tells a story about shopping with her daughter and how it was an opportunity to practice mindfulness in that parenting moment
  • Why do our kids have so much trouble with their siblings?
  • The “Bugs and Wishes” tool for helping kids verbalize their feelings and needs

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Casey’s Free Gift is her Journey to Joy e-Course!

Journey to Joy is a 3 part offer: Each Module contains a video, audio and workbook to guide you in doing your work.
You will go from awareness to choice to action…

* You will increase your awareness around the areas you are stuck (you know, the irritation that never seems to go away… the exhaustion, the guilt and shame that shows up so often after you have “dealt with” the challenges your kids bring on a regular basis.

* You will spend time exploring new choices, new ways of being… Inviting in the qualities that are missing. Love, compassion, self acceptance and non-judgement… You will learn how to open up your body and allow these emotions in.

* You will create a practice for teaching your body and mind a NEW pattern, making this new way of being more readily available when you need it.

Shifting the dynamics in your being, will shift the dynamics in your home.

Casey talks motherhood:

I would tell her that parenting is an ongoing opportunity to grow and surrender. And if she is willing to move through it from that place, that come from, she will find so much joy in the process!

Learning how to respond vs react. Bumping up against my own “stuff” in the process of being in my relationship with my kids…. While also recognizing it is only as hard as I make it!

The learning, the growing, the special moments when my children melt into my arms.

Find a community that you can be real with. And by real, I don’t mean a place for bitch sessions. What I mean is a place you can be held, where people take a stand for you when you are in your darkness – not as cheerleaders, but as compassionate witnesses.
Casey O'Roarty, Joyful Courage - Positive Discipline Coach
Casey O'Roarty is a mom of 2, a Positive Discipline Trainer, parent coach and the host of the Joyful Courage Podcast. Her vision is for all of the people in the world to come from a place of love and abundance, and in doing so, create a more loving and abundant world.

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