Summit host and health coach Carrie Rubin is here to talk about one of the biggest challenges mothers of toddlers and preschoolers face: picky eating!

15 Strategies for Conquering Picky Eating

by Carrie Rubin | Surviving Early Childhood Summit

In Carrie’s interview you will learn:
  • The biggest mistakes parents make with food and their kids
  • How to get your children to try new foods – they might even have fun with it!
  • What you should be feeding your kids – and what you shouldn’t!

Interview content links:

Today I Ate a Rainbow Chart – this company has since gone out of business! 🙁  So I ended up creating a printable kit similar to the Rainbow Chart to encourage your kids to eat healthy foods! Check it out here: Eat a Rainbow Plate Printable Kit

Picky Eater Toolkit:
Make Food Fun
Get Them in the Kitchen!
Books & Other Resources

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Carrie Rubin, Holistic Health Coach & Summit Host

Carrie Rubin is a mother of two, a certified Health Coach and on a mission to help busy moms build healthier families! After many years of her own health struggles and not finding solutions in Western medicine, she became interested in alternative therapies and healing through diet and lifestyle changes. Empowered and excited by the improvements she experienced as a result of implementing these changes, she decided to learn how to teach others to do the same and pursued her Health Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about teaching others about healthy and authentic living through eating real food and focusing on the things that really matter in life. In addition, she aims to help moms conquer picky eaters and offers tips and tricks to get healthy dinners on the table with less hassle. Her goal in teaching classes is to foster a sense of camaraderie and support among mothers around healthy living, in turn transforming families and communities.

Carrie was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.


Carrie’s free gift is her Top 5 Healthier, Happier Family Tips!

With my healthier, happier family tips I distill it all down to 5 things you can do today that will definitely make the biggest impact in your home. In this guide, you will learn:

  • How I effortlessly lost those last 10 stubborn pounds
  • My top tip for getting your picky eater on board with eating a healthier diet
  • How to avoid the 5 pm blank stare into your fridge hoping to find divine inspiration for what to make for dinner
  • The #1 way to start feeling a more fulfilled, happier life
  • The one thing that was hardest for me to do but reaped the greatest benefit in my life