Conscious parenting is all the buzz lately, but what exactly does that mean and how do we accomplish it when our kids are acting like lunatics?  Listen in to hear Annmarie Chereso from Bring It Home dig into the details on how to be more present with our children.

Conscious Parenting and How to Be Fully Present to Your Child In Any Given Moment

by Carrie Rubin & Annmarie Chereso | Surviving Early Childhood Summit

In Annmarie’s interview you will learn:
  • What being a conscious parent means – and what it doesn’t
  • A few easy steps parents can take towards greater consciousness
  • How to effectively deal with your full range of emotions and how to teach your kids to do the same
  • A trick to help you and your children shift anger into a useful tool
  • How to consciously parent and effectively discipline at the same time
  • How to embrace your child’s uniqueness and support them in their spiritual journey and celebrate and appreciate that they are helping you in your own spiritual journey

Annmarie’s free gift is The Conscious Parents Guide to Shifting Anger to Awareness audio training and accompanying journaling activity.

It offers:
  • Six steps to moving your anger in the moment
  • Learn to find the wisdom of your emotion
  • Learn how teach your kids to locate anger in their body

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Annmarie Chereso, Conscious Parenting Coach and Founder: Bring It! Home
 Annmarie Chereso works with parents, educators, leaders who are willing to take responsibility for creating conscious relationships with themselves and the children they influence.

Annmarie coaches parents, families, and groups, teaches mindfulness in schools, hosts events, leads online courses, and speaks to groups about the importance of mindfulness, consciousness, and presence.First and foremost a parent, Annmarie has spent the past 18 years perfecting the art of parenting imperfectly while balancing career and relationship.  Annmarie understands that the most valuable tool we have is our (relationship to) presence. She masterfully guides parents, educators, and children to help cultivate presence in every moment.

Raw and unedited by nature, Annmarie extends an invitation to everyone around her to show up as they are. She is particularly adept at supporting parents and youth to move through anger—from frustration to rage—and to transform the raw energy that feeds it into a constructive powerful force.

Decades of personal growth development and professional training awoke, refined and channeled Annmarie’s determination to radically support children, families, and educational communities.

She lives in Chicago with her partner and their blended family of five children.

Annmarie was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.