The Mission

The mission of The Modern Mom Society is to create a safe space for moms to connect with experts and each other on a very real, raw, and authentic level to get the support they need to navigate the journey of being a mom in today’s society and be free from judgement about the choices they make as a parent.

We have a lot expected of us as moms today. The standards are incredibly high, and I think a lot moms think they are failing at motherhood because of the unrealistic expectations that the media portrays to us day in and day out.  Essentially, we are supposed to be super moms raising well behaved overachieving children, have impeccable homes, blissful marriages, Pinterest perfect themed birthday parties, shuttle our kids around like we are their own personal Uber driver, create clever treat bags for Halloween/Valentines Day/etc, have flawless skin and hair, be on trend with our wardrobe, and be serving the very best home cooked organic local gluten free minimally processed meals to our family every night.  And, if we don’t keep all of these balls in the air (not to mention the added stress of a job outside the home for some of us), we feel like failures!

Being a mom is hard.  Always has been. But being a mom in today’s day and age is exceptionally hard.  I feel like with the interconnectedness of life with the web and social media, we get caught in this crazy tangle of unreasonably high expectations like I just mentioned.   Everyone has an opinion of how motherhood should look and what “right” looks like and there’s so much pressure to live up to this unachievable, unrealistic version of being a “perfect” mom.  As a result, I think more often than not we put on this facade of what we think motherhood should look like rather than being honest and open about what our experience of being a mom actually is.


“Facebook Version” of the kids

We have what I like to call the “Facebook Version” of life as a mom, which is what most people see of us: happy smiling kids, vacations, first days at school, the Halloween costumes, kids in front of the Christmas tree, when they’re doing kid things that are annoying or frustrating but funny to post about…

Then there’s the reality version:  you haven’t showered for a few days, are wearing yoga pants like a uniform, the house looks like a bomb hit a majority of the time, the kids fighting with each other, putting stickers on the furniture, refuse to sit at the dinner table the entire meal (that was us last night), battle you at every turn when you ask them to do anything, play with their annoying electronic toys, constantly whining for snacks, to watch TV, and to play with your phone or iPad, and leave a wake of stuff and food crumbs behind them everywhere they go… [I know this is not just my reality…]

So, I’d like to break down some of those walls and start sharing the stories of Real Moms – the hardships, the joys, the messiness, the sadness. Bring us all down to a common ground as humans caring for other little humans who can be really annoying sometimes!

Motherhood is hard. No question about it.  Fortunately there is an incredible amount of support available out there from coaches, doctors, authors, educators, and other entrepreneurs – it is just spread out all over the internet!  These experts work their tail off to get their message out there to help mothers with their journey and I wanted to use this platform to collect the information they share all in one place as well as connect the experts with their audience.   The experts I worked with for the Surviving Early Childhood Summit were phenomenal women and I was so grateful to have helped them spread their message, and I wanted to continue to do that here at The Modern Mom Society.

Finally, there is a lot of judgement and shaming in social media regarding the choices that other moms make in raising their children. I want to share real mom stories to expose you to different perspectives and different ways other moms make things work.  Because when it comes down to it, we all come from different places and experiences and we make our choices as a parent based on those experiences.  It pains me to see close minded and judgmental moms in Facebook groups.  Motherhood is such a tough journey and we need to do what we can to build each other up, not tear each other down. I hope that the real mom stories you will open your eyes and mind to new ways of doing things!

So to sum it up, my mission is threefold:

  1. Bring you the unedited version of motherhood, so we can all connect with each other on a real level and commiserate and celebrate this incredible journey, and support each other along the way.
  2. Create a safe space where we can share our views and journey as a mother and be free of judgement about the choices we make. To learn new ways of approaching things and accepting every mother for the unique way they parent.
  3.  Connect moms with the experts who have devoted their lives to serving this community.

We are all in this together, ladies. I’m so grateful to walk with you on this journey of motherhood and provide support to get you through it in one piece.  Thanks for being here with me!




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