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Courtesy of Jill Hope, Family Coach & Motivational Speaker: iShine Kids
One of the goals most parents share is to raise your children to be confident in themselves and their gifts. When confidence and healthy self-esteem are not developed during childhood, the results can show up in the types of friends your child hangs around, whether or not they engage in risky behaviors, the career they choose, and even the partner they end up with. Often, kids who have not developed a healthy level of confidence and self-esteem when young, end up settling for less than they desire and deserve throughout childhood, and these habits extend into their adult life. The good news: there are some very simple strategies you can use to build a foundation where your child’s confidence and self-esteem can flourish!

In this empowering training, you will learn:

    •  The #1 secret to building healthy self-esteem in your child that no one else is talking about
    • The type of praise that is actually damaging your child’s self-esteem (and you are probably unknowingly using it all the time!)
    • Why YOUR mindset can make or break your child’s self-esteem (this is something EVERY parent needs to understand)
    • The 2 simple, powerful tools you can use with your kids to turn any situation around quickly
    • The 7 key secrets to building a foundation for confidence and self-esteem in kids (miss even one of these, and you’re setting you child up for potential struggle)

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Jill Hope, Family Coach & Motivational Speaker: iShine Kids

Jill Hope is a globally selling author, motivational speaker, and founder of I Shine, a family coaching practice located in Chicago. Her life’s mission is to help busy moms and their kids create clarity, fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

Additionally, as a part of her mission, Jill works with schools and local community organizations to mentor kids and teens, as well as provide schools around the world with her Inner Wellness Curriculum for kids in grades 3 through 5.

Jill was a part of the Surviving Early Childhood Summit.