Courtesy of Angie Gross, Weight Loss & Life Coach

In this 42 day program, each day Angie will send you a tip via email to help you manage anxiety and lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Angie Gross - Life & Weight Loss Coach

Hello I'm Angie Gross, Life & Weight Loss coach for moms! I empower moms to step into a dream relationship with a healthy body. I also work full time in the military as an IT specialist. So I stay pretty busy as a mom, wife, employee, & entrepreneur.

I have always had a passion for helping people. When I deployed in 2011 to Kosovo I was training to run a marathon and as I was doing that everyone that I was also encouraging to also run really fueled my energy and gave me a sense of purpose. I saw people lose 50 lbs and run 20 miles from hardly ever running. I really inspired me to help other people. When I returned home I became a certified personal trainer. After noticing that people were lacking motivation, I turned to financial coaching. Once again though I discovered the lack of motivation to become debt free. So I was on the search for the missing piece. That is where I discovered life coaching. This was the missing piece. My mentor Brooke Castillo inspired me so much I attended her in person coach training a year later. I plan to coach full time once I retire from the military in 4 years.