Courtesy of Cassie Rajewich

This guide gives 10 practical tips to help moms stretch their money!

From Cassie:

“Ten years of being a single mom and I struggled with finances. Big time. One bankruptcy and nearly $100,000 of debt. Sound familiar, friend? Because I’m not good at keeping secrets and because I don’t want you to struggle for as long as I did, I put together this list. 
My top 10 secrets that helped me stay content and press on to get out of debt and stay there. I hope you are able to use a few of these, if not all.”

Cassie Rajewich, Unconventional Motherhood - Single Mom Coach

Cassie Rajewich is the creator of Unconventional Motherhood: Helping Single Moms Master the Mess. After ten years of mastering her own mess of single motherhood, she ditched the security and comfort of the life she had built, upped and left her residence of Las Vegas and made the move to Southern California where she began a new adventure, blending a family. She now helps other women navigate the sometimes difficult journey of single motherhood. You can visit her site at to learn about how she offers her heart and how to tips to help other single moms master their mess.